February 14, 2016
Ithaca, NY

Ashley Wolf

Review: Pop tracks starved of emotion and meaning

Perhaps Puth’s sound will change once he gets a few more pop hits on his record, but for now, all listeners can do is sit and wait for this cheesy production to end.

Review: Don’t ‘Panic!’ punk to pop variety pleases

The sound change of the band provided in “Death Of A Bachelor” is a breath of fresh air for the band’s followers, especially since the change breaks up its good, but very typical, punk-rock sound.

Controversial police interactions explored in new play

Ithaca College students and faculty have come together with citizens from the city of Ithaca to take controversial discussions about police-community interactions and convert them into a play.

Q&A: Magazine spreads environmental consciousness

Fresh Dirt is an Ithaca-based, green-living magazine that informs its readers of ways they can live a sustainable life.

Review: New album explores complexities of love

Though the album is only nine songs long, each track has a different aspect to it that listeners will be able to understand and connect to emotionally.

Ithaca area fosters thriving longboard scene

With steep hills and yearly events, Ithaca’s longboarding scene offers high-speed fun for locals and visitors alike.

Ithaca College freshman finds passion in professional yo-yoing

Freshman Donald Hodgkinson has been a competitive yo-yo player for more than eight years.

Q&A: Meyer travels to conduct Thailand Philharmonic

Director of Orchestras Jeffery Meyer traveled to Southeast Asia over break to conduct the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ithaca-based visual art group welcomes student applications

Artists take a collaborative role in the Ithaca-based Image Text Ithaca.

City of Ithaca raises parking prices by 50 cents an hour

The City of Ithaca plans to take out the 900 parking meters that line the streets of Ithaca and install new pay-by-phone parking machines within the next three to four weeks. Prices will also raise from $1 to $1.50 per hour.

Review: Indie band returns with album dedicated to fans

The Decemberists’ seventh studio album, “What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World,” pleases fans with an updated, folksy sound.

Ithaca College alumna’s site recognizes community difference-makers

Allison Usavage ’11 founded What’s Good Ithaca, a news outlet that seeks to inspire.

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