February 11, 2016
Ithaca, NY

Evin Billington

Ithaca College’s history full of racial strife

The college is no stranger to political unrest, especially in matters regarding race. In some ways, the current POC at IC movement is echoing past upheavals, particularly protests in 1969.

Friends say happiness defined Ithaca College student’s life

Many of those closest to her sum her up in one way: Shannon was a sunflower. It was fitting, then, that sunflowers sat behind the podium during her candlelight vigil on Nov. 12 in Ithaca College’s Muller Chapel, and also dotted the service at her funeral Nov. 17 in Park Ridge, New Jersey.

“She Kills Monsters” brings “Dungeons and Dragons” to life

“She Kills Monsters,” written by Qui Nguyen, is an adventure-comedy presented by IC Theatre in the Dillingham Center’s Studio 2.

Lack of alcohol makes for atypical study-abroad experience

Though not as booze-soaked as many, a 21st birthday in Morocco is certainly memorable.

The many struggles of reporting abroad

Reporting in Morocco can make for some sticky situations.

The desert adventures of Kanye the camel

Camel rides into the desert conclude with incredible beauty.

The art of Moroccan teatime

Teatime poses its own distinct set of obstacles.

Ending Moroccan myths and taboos

Before her trip to Morocco, Evin Billington squashes some common misconceptions.

New Ithaca bistro brings education to the kitchen

Students are breaking into the culinary world in Ithaca’s new bistro, Coltivare.

Review: Chief Keef releases lo-fi mixtape independently

“Back from the Dead 2,” the latest mixtape from Chicago street rapper Chief Keef, is evidence that Keef has lost none of his talent after being dropped from Interscope Records.

Review: Metal group “Obliterations” poisoned by tired vocals

Lackluster vocals turn “Poison Everything” into an abrasive musical experience.

English professor to co-direct University of London seminar

This spring, Chris Holmes, assistant professor of English, will travel to England to guest-direct a graduate seminar and give a lecture at Queen Mary College in the University of London about postcolonial literature and the Nobel prize–winning author J.M. Coetzee.

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