March 1, 2015
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Faith Meckley

Cove Point Protectors go to trial

Like the We Are Seneca Lake movement in New York, Lusby has also developed its own resistance, dubbed We Are Cove Point. To date, around 20 people have been arrested for various acts of civil disobedience, including blockading gates, trespassing onto active construction sites and locking down to construction equipment and doors.

Postponed … Again

While the powers of Reading and Schuyler County have realized that sending the We Are Seneca Lake protesters to jail is costly and only fuels our movement, many in my activist cohort believe that Judge Berry’s hesitance to sentence me runs deeper than that. They joke that he sees me as an incarnation of his own young granddaughter, who, according to Berry, refuses to speak to him when he sends people to jail.

Find the Time

College is extremely stressful. It leads us to binge eat junk food, drink spastic amounts of coffee, pull all-nighters and spend countless hours in front of computer screens without exercise. And many of us, myself included, feel our future careers hinge on the quality of our performance in these four years. Talk about pressure.

Ithaca College evaluates progress of the ICC

As the second year of the Integrative Core Curriculum winds down, the Committee for College-wide Requirements is evaluating the number of courses offered in the ICC based on student need and response to courses currently offered.

Oil workers on strike

Just yesterday, about 1,400 workers from two more oil refineries — BP’s Whiting and Toledo, Ohio operations — joined the strike, now 11 refineries strong. The Climate March walked through both of these refineries. I imagine some of the very same workers we spoke to in Whiting are now risking their livelihood to demand better working conditions.

Ithaca College offers fresh experience for transfer students

Spring semester at Ithaca College offers a new experience for transfer students and a small group of first-semester freshman.

Ithaca College bans disposable utensils from compost

Ithaca College is no longer able to accept disposable utensils marked “compostable” into their compost collection bins.

Do humans cause climate change? Let’s vote.

Can you imagine what would happen if our representatives sat down to vote on whether homosexuals are born with their sexuality or if they choose it? Or what if there was a vote deciding that, despite hard numbers clearly demonstrating women are paid less than men for the same work, this was not actually the case?

53 miles to Ithaca

Tonight I have filled the hiking backpack I got for Christmas to the brim with all the supplies and equipment I will need for a five day, 53 mile journey from my home in Geneva to my second home in Ithaca. After I finish this blog post I will go to bed and try to get a full night’s rest, because tomorrow, for the first time in a while, I will be rising with the sun to walk.

…Then they fight, and then we win

A police officer emerged and informed her that she could only enter with her attorney and either her father, mother or husband. Laura replied that none of those people were available, and asked for a support person.

“No, the court is closed.”

Not long after, one of our pro bono legal advisers, Sujata Gibson, arrived and engaged with this officer, informing him that barring the public from court was unconstitutional and illegal.

“Sheriff’s orders,” the officer replied. “Take it up with him.”

Learning the Jails

Before myself and my comrades began lining up in front of Crestwood Midstream’s gates on Route 14 just north of Watkins Glen, I never put much thought into the area jails. I had no clue that there was a jail in Watkins Glen right across the street from the picturesque state park, and I admit to not even knowing that there was a jail in each county. Now I find these various jails to be at an almost constant forefront of my mind.

My First Vegan Thanksgiving

Me: “Grandpa! Do you want to try some cookie dough?”
Grandpa: “You’re not supposed to eat raw cookie dough.”
Me: “There’s no eggs in it.”
Grandpa: “What’s wrong with eggs?”
Me: “Grandpa, eggs are the reason why you aren’t supposed to eat raw cookie dough.”

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