July 27, 2016
Ithaca, NY

Faith Meckley

Wild Semester: IC students immerse themselves in the wilderness

“When we came in, we were individuals, and we’re not leaving as nonindividuals, but we kind of melded together into … one thought,” she said. “There’s one new person coming out, and it’s the eight of us.”

Commentary: High-stress college model is unsustainable

I can finish my degree whenever I want. But I cannot put my mental and emotional health off any longer.

Ithaca College students monitor return of black bears

Menges and Miller are animal trackers. They said tracking is more than just following animal footprints through the woods — it is about being aware of their surroundings, and the body language and signals from nearby animals, including other people.

Ithaca College students attend presidential rallies in NY

As the April 19 New York state primary elections approach, 2016 presidential candidates are making their way through the state to rally support. Some Ithaca College students are going the distance to see the presidential hopefuls speak in person.

Annual environmental film festival returns to Ithaca College

The 19th annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival will feature films produced from around the world on topics like women’s health clinics, hydraulic fracturing, climbing Mount Everest and the Indian-Pakistani partition.

Ithaca College clarifies progress and holdups on diversity plan

In a recent announcement, the college laid out parts of the diversity action plan that are on track — such as developing a Fall 2016 campus-climate survey — and parts of the plan that are falling behind — such as developing a community review board for the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management.

Cornell president dies at 52

Cornell announced the death of Elizabeth Garrett, 52, March 7. Garrett was the University’s first female president.

Solar panels to meet 10 percent of Ithaca College’s energy needs

A solar electric project including 9,000 solar panels that will cover 10 percent of Ithaca College’s energy needs is currently under construction.

SGA seeks student applicants for presidential search committee

The Ithaca College Student Government Association has released an application for students to apply to be a part of the search committee responsible for finding semi-finalists for the college’s next president.

Water pipe breaks at Ithaca College’s Campus Center building

The Ithaca College Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management confirmed a water pipe broke at the Campus Center building Feb. 15.

Q&A: Mark Darling leaves Ithaca College after 29 years

The former sustainability programs coordinator discusses his career at Ithaca College and his views on the college’s commitment to maintaining a sustainable community.

Collective momentum: College activists drive institutional change

Students protesting the racial climate at Ithaca College are not the only ones finding a collective voice with which to address institutionalized racism. In a tumultuous fall semester, at least 75 other colleges and universities have begun bringing their demands for change to their administrations.

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