April 23, 2014
Ithaca, NY 39°F | Rain

Nina Varilla

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Unorthodox theater festival premieres in Ithaca

On April 24–27, Ithaca will host its first fringe festival, featuring five different acts. Fringe festivals usually deliver unconventional performances.

Review: Sensual art film defies taboos

Sexually-charged drama excels with interesting perspectives on human libido.

Review: Science inspires in data-based exhibit

Professor Jenny Sabin’s newest exhibit is a scientific art venture.

Pieces of identity

The Handwerker Gallery’s latest exhibit, “Strange Bedfellows,” explores themes of LGBT identity through artwork.

Review: Release from psych-pop duo fashions moody dance beats

Psych-pop duo merge moody electronics with hip-hop beats on “Voices.”

Review: First-class casting saves dubious thriller

Superb performances maintain suspense in hard-to-believe thriller.

Review: Drama short on believable chemistry

Irrational characters keep romantic drama from feeling authentic.

Review: Emotional scenes propel raw film

Unflinching intensity and heartbreak set film apart.

Review: New exhibit goes above and beyond

New activist exhibit features a diverse range of artistic mediums.

Review: Lackluster characters bust cop comedy

“Ride Along” stumbles over a dull cast and shallow plot.

Review: Vivid imagery enlivens Roman streets

Director Paolo Sorrentino crafts a triumphant tale in “The Great Beauty.”

Review: Clumsy storyline kills period film

John Krokidas’ “KIll Your Darlings” suffers from its sloppy storyline.