March 31, 2015
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Steve Derderian

The Hot Stove: Indiana legislation impedes the Final Four

Columnist Steve Derderian discusses how the recent “religious freedom” bill could affect the Final Four.

The Hot Stove: Charity events help students bear weather

Columnist Steve Derderian offers a way to give back to the community and withstand the cold weather.

The Hot Stove: Athletes’ pursuit of perfection flawed

Columnist Steve Derderian argues that athletes should not seek out perfection through sport.

The Hot Stove: NCAA’s 48-hour rule unreasonable

Columnist Steve Derderian thinks the NCAA should reexamine its alcohol consumption policy.

The Hot Stove: Deaths put sport into perspective

Recent experiences have caused columnist Steve Derderian to put his athletic career in perspective.

Junior varsity and club teams provide options for athletes

Student-athletes find other non-varsity athletic opportunities through junior varsity and club teams on campus.

The Hot Stove: Athletes pay the price for outside cheating

Columnist Steve Derderian examines the latest sports scandals in the national spotlight.

The Hot Stove: Reinstate the IC vs. Cornell rivalry

Columnist Steve Derderian believes the athletic rivalry between Ithaca College and Cornell University is beneficial for both schools.

The Hot Stove: ECAC passes long overdue measure

Columnist Steve Derderian discusses the ECAC’s new policy on student-athletes with disabilities.

The Hot Stove: Renouncing my NFL fandom

Columnist Steve Derderian asserts his take on the Super Bowl and the surrounding NFL controversy

The Hot Stove: Men’s basketball showing promise

Columnist Steve Derderian examines the men’s basketball team potential to find consistency in the program

The Hot Stove: Parental influence curbs child athletes

Columnist Steve Derderian comments on Professor Miranda Kaye’s faculty research on the effects of parental pressure on child athletes.

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