September 30, 2022
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A night to remember

Combining the fashion and anticipation of the Oscars with the drama and flair of the Tony Awards, IC Players and Triple Threat Theatre will host the first Gorges Award Show on Sunday.

From left, sophomores Ana Maria Mutchler from IC Triple Threat and Andrés Ordorica from IC Players duke it out over a Gorges Award trophy Tuesday in Emerson Suites. Gorges Awards will be presented to both theater groups. Sabina Cao/The Ithacan

As a celebration of the hard work of both the casts and crews of shows, the Gorges Award Show is a chance for everyone to get together and acknowledge the accomplishments of the year.

Junior Juli Menassian, director of IC Players, said the show is about bringing people back together to recognize all the effort put into the shows.

“When a show’s over, we never really see anyone again,” she said. “This is a way to get everyone in the same room and acknowledge the fact that people put their heart and souls into these shows.”

The Gorges Awards are especially a chance for the two nonmajor theater organizations on campus to get together and experience an affair normally reserved for professional actors and technicians.

There are 21 categories for awards, ranging from Best Technical Direction to Best Play and Best Musical.

Sophomore Andrés Ordorica, event coordinator for the show and chair of media communications for IC Players, said bringing the two organizations together was an easy decision because they are already so intermingled in production throughout the year.

“We are kind of brother and sister groups,” Ordorica said. “The participation is very much immersed in one another.”

The organizations also tried to keep the theater-going community involved in the show, as the awards are based upon popular vote. The directors of each show first made nominations in each category. Then voting was made available to the public Monday and will continue until Sunday afternoon.

Opening the decisions to the audience reflects the two organizations’ commitment to bringing theater to the viewers, Ordorica said.

“We thought it would be best for community involvement and community building to involve them in the voting process,” he said

With an expectation of 250 to 300 guests, the award show has taken off to become a large-scale event for everyone.

Sophomore Ana Maria Mutchler, event coordinator for the show, said moving the event from Clark Lounge to Emerson Suites was the motivation for making it such a large event.

“That kind of upped the ante a little on the show itself,” Mutchler said. “We started looking more at the Oscars and the Tony Awards for inspiration for the rest of the show.”

Like the Oscars and the Tonys, the show will have short performances from the dramas and musicals nominated as well as a comedic host, junior Joe Roksandic.

“We don’t want people to sit there and be bored out of their minds,” Menassian said.

Having Roksandic as a host is one part of making the evening fun and entertaining in addition to being a way to honor people, Ordorica said.

“There’s a combination of seriousness, like let’s honor the accomplishments of the production staff and the casts, and a sense of it still being a fun night,” he said.

To keep the show entertaining for everyone, the groups decided to make it a formal event and have guests dress in their best outfits, Mutchler said.

“Personally I know how much everyone loves to dress up,” she said. “And with it being in Emerson Suites and the end of the year, it just felt more fun that way.”

A fun night for everyone involved, the Gorges Awards are an opportunity to bring a little finesse from Hollywood and a little dazzle from New York City to Ithaca in a grand and unforgettable event.

This is the actors’ and crews’ time to shine, Ordorica said.

“Not everyone that is involved in IC Players or Triple Threat is going to go on to the Tonys, so this is kind of their night,” he said.