March 22, 2023
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Debutaunts break mold

Lately, there’s been a mini- drought of bands that create instantly catchy pop songs. Luckily, fresh-faced pop-rockers The Debutaunts prove in their full-length debut, “Why Can’t We Have Fun,” that they have what it takes to take over the airwaves.

The addictive melodies coupled with ear-catching guitar snippets and 1980s emulating synthesizer breakdowns appeal to anyone who just wants to have a good time, which sets The Debutaunts apart from being just another lovesick boy band.

“As Long as You Want Me” is impressive with swirling synthesizers surrounding Jazek Creacy’s powerful vocals. It won’t be long before girls will be posting this gem as a Facebook status.
In their debut, The Debutaunts have established themselves as a band on the rise that people should be checking out. The band’s feel-good anthems and leisurely Sunshine State demeanor is sure to brighten listeners’ days.