March 27, 2023
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No shine from Streisand

Even with top-of-the line songwriters, Barbra Streisand’s new album fails to answer the call from her adoring fans.

“What Matters Most” is a celebration of song writers Alan and Marilyn Bergman, who wrote every track on the  new album.  Streisand ruins their whimsical lyrics with slow-paced and outdated production that combines fashionable balladry with antiquated elevator music.

Lyrics like, “No painter or photographer could catch it/ No rainbow or sunset ever match it” slip under the radar because they are not supported by any emotional backing to show Streisand realizes the weight of the words.

Most tracks are adorned with distasteful string arrangements and  acoustic bass lines that do nothing to accentuate the lyrical genius provided by the Bergmans.

The compilation is an unfortunate reminder that a pretty picture set in a hideous frame will never leave the gallery.