February 2, 2023
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Review: ‘Evil Dead’ returns with stylized bloodshed

In this highly anticipated remake of Sam Raimi’s 1981 classic “Evil Dead,” director Fede Alvarez did not fail to deliver the gore and decapitations of typical horror films. With the help of the original architects of the film, Raimi and Bruce Campbell, one of the original actors, Alvarez made this reboot work.

The film begins with five friends who head to a remote cabin in the woods in an attempt to kick group member Mia’s (Jane Levy) heroin addiction. While at the cabin, Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) finds a strange book in the basement and begins reading, despite warnings covering the book. The incantations summon demonic spirits to the cabin, which soon possess Mia and incite the brutal burnings and massive bloodshed.

This film, in comparison to the original, is visually stimulating with more authentic butchery and is far more gruesome. The revitalized story is reminiscent of countless other horror films. In addition to the blood and gore, there is a comical element in the almost-cheesy horror gimmicks. These moments are a relief and give the audience a slight break from the relentless fright.

Alvarez keeps the audience on its toes with striking graphics and consistent violence in every scene. The nonstop gore evokes fright and some laughter, and the movie relies on strong graphics and fear to keep the plot alive.

Though the film may not stand out in the horror genre as exceptionally original, “Evil Dead” offers audiences a visually stunning and gruesome trip into the woods.

Three stars.

Director Fede Alvarez revamps Sam Raimi’s 1981 horror classic “Evil Dead,” with grisly visuals.