October 6, 2022
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Review: Musician rocks electronica genre with debut album

French house musician Kavinsky has been making extended plays and singles for more than six years. Kavinsky hit it big when his song “Nightcall” was featured in the 2011 movie “Drive,” but it took until 2013 to make his debut album, “OutRun,” and it proves to be worth the wait.

“Outrun” has myriad electronic songs that feature a heavy synth-pop sound. Unfortunately, despite each song’s quality, the groovy synth bass that defines Kavinsky’s music causes the album to run stale, as songs tend to blend together into one sound.

Many of Kavinsky’s more popular EP songs are featured in “OutRun.” All songs have a funk-driven music feel, and memorable songs such as “ProtoVision,” “Blizzard” and “Odd Look” induce an ’80s trance-like effect. The ’80s feel of the album generates nostalgia for music from that era and makes Kavinsky’s first album an unforgettable one.

3 / 4 Stars