October 5, 2022
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‘Some Nights’: Indie band stays true to roots

The New York City-based band Fun. plunges into the mainstream with their album “Some Nights.” The release features a drastic change from the band’s acoustic sound in “Aim and Ignite,” its first album.

Filled with heavy electric sounds, “Some Nights” showcases electronic beats and autotuned vocals exemplified in “Why Am I the One” and “Stars.” Songs like “Some Nights” and “One Foot” feature a tribal sound with powerful trumpet accompaniment, repetitive lyrics and military mark time drum beats.

The single “We Are Young” is reminiscent of the band’s cheery, debut style with a reliance on a piano bass line and strong drum presence. The song “Carry On” presents a homage to the band’s roots of dreamy acoustics, with the added twist of a synthesizer.

“Some Nights” showcases the versatility of Fun.’s sound and its ability to retain elements of its own style while still growing as artists and catering to the changing tastes of the music world.