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Ithaca College and Angel L. Zayas

By | May 8, 2015

For those of you that don’t know, I plan on attending a different school as a transfer student next year.

YouTube Boyfriends (My Interview with Matthew and Michael)

By | Apr 22, 2015

Now, when one thinks of dating websites, one might think of ChristianMingle.com or eHarmony or even popular dating apps like Tinder and Grindr (Lord, help you all…) However, for two of my idols and possibly one of the most adorable couples on Earth, YouTube was their means of finding love. Matthew Schueller and Michael Lindsay are two YouTubers with nearly 75,000 subscribers combined. They met by watching each other’s “Coming Out” video and are now one of the cutest couples on YouTube.

What It’s Like Being a G.B.F.

By | Apr 13, 2015

Many people don’t know this, but Netflix actually has an entire Gay and Lesbian section. Now for someone who identifies as homosexual, this is immediately appealing. I get to watch cheesy romantic comedies but with a situation that is more relatable. However, in general, the movies end up being poorly made, not plausible, and overly sexual. Does this stop me from watching the movies? No. This is all I have to make myself feel like someone else gets my issues and desires. Even then, I wish some more funding would go into this genre.

My Relationship with Drag

By | Apr 8, 2015

This whole experience has me thinking though about the LGBT community on Ithaca’s campus. Now, one misconception some of the world has and that I find ABSOLUTELY problematic is that drag queens and transgender people are the same. That’s not true. It can be, I suppose, but it’s not always the case. In fact, I’ve seen on the Ithaca College campus, people cross-dressing and claiming that “gave them some insight into what it’s like to be transgender.” That’s wrong. There’s no other way of putting it.

Great Hair, Great Message (My Interview with Jack Merridew)

By | Mar 30, 2015

With all of that said, back in the summer before I came to Ithaca College, I came across a YouTuber named Jack Merridew. My initial thoughts involved how funny he was and how perfect his hair looked (Seriously… Have you seen it? My WORD!), but his channel soon appealed to me for a different reason.

Zayn Malik’s Departure from One Direction

By | Mar 28, 2015

If you have been on the Internet anytime within the past couple of days, you know that Zayn Malik has decided to leave the popular boy band One Direction. As a die hard Directioner and someone who has allegedly seen their ultrasounds (don’t you dare judge me), my heart broke when I received this news in my Personal Essay class on Wednesday. Honestly, I didn’t think it was real until I went on the official One Direction page and saw the announcement. That’s when it really hit me. I just… Shut down. I kept it cool for the rest of class, went home, and cried ugly tears like Kim Kardashian does when she thinks about her future. It was raining in Ithaca that morning and I knew then it was because God was crying. (Only kidding, of course… Well, kind of… )

Procrastination is DEADLY

By | Mar 17, 2015

Most of the time, people know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done but choose to procrastinate instead. For students and workers, this is a deadly habit that can result in unemployment, low grades, or, in general, overwhelming stress. It goes like this. You put off that assignment one day and your grade drops. Now, the next day, you have to do that assignment and whatever else is due that day. Let’s say you don’t finish that and now another assignment is late. It’s a vicious cycle and, if you get too lost in it all, you won’t be able to break out of it.

10 Travel Tips

By | Mar 4, 2015

Spring break is rapidly approaching and, for some people, that means traveling. Personally, I will not be doing much traveling this break, but I know a lot of people like to go on vacation during this time. I mean, if one of you wants to take me on a trip to the Bahamas, come see me at your earliest convenience. But, honestly, traveling is no joke. It can be messy, annoying, aggravating, and all around tiring. So, here are just ten tips that you’re going to need to this traveling season.

#TheDress Mystery = Solved

By | Feb 27, 2015

For the last few days, I have been drinking water, taking medicine, and feeling absolutely sick. Therefore, I took a much-needed break from social media and the Internet as a whole. It was only a couple of days, so I just assumed that I would miss the basics: Kanye said something dumb again, more celebrities argued over Twitter, a new One Direction breakup rumor surfaced. However, I come back to my home away from home to find that some dress has completely destroyed the Internet.

Being “Too Much”

By | Feb 23, 2015

Senior year in high school, my school’s psychologist had my entire grade take a quiz that defined our personality type and the percentage of each characteristic we were. Out of everyone in the grade, I was the only person to score as a one hundred perfect extrovert. There isn’t an ounce of introvertedness in me. And the more and more I experience life and take in what it has to offer, I realize that being an extrovert is actually pretty hard.

See You, Sia

By | Feb 19, 2015

If you are anything like me, you watched The 57th Annual Grammy Awards, and you loved every second of it, minus a certain album winning over the Queen herself. (It’s best not to talk about it.) However, with all of that happening, there was something, in particular, that annoyed me to no end. No, I am not talking about Kanye West. I thought what he did was actually pretty funny. No, I am not talking about Rihanna looking like she is getting ready for her quinceañera. (She looked like a cupcake…) I am talking about Sia Furler.

5 Date Night Tips

By | Feb 14, 2015

Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday. I know. I’m a really sappy person, but I don’t think that Valentine’s Day should be called a “Hallmark Holiday”, like so many label it. Isn’t there something magical about every holiday that has been celebrated for centuries? I think there is. Maybe, that makes me a hopeless romantic. However, I’ve always been a firm believer that, though Cupid may not exist, love strives most on this holiday and that, whether it’s a lover, friend, or family member, it’s okay to just tell someone, on this day, “I love you.” And I understand just how vulnerable that can make a person, when they put it all on the line, but it’s so so so worth it!