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Battle of the Bands at The Nines

By | Nov 11, 2013

On Saturday, The Nines in Collegetown was packed with college kids preparing themselves for a night of musical duels.

South America is doing it right: Lollapalooza 2014

By | Nov 11, 2013

The lineups for Lollapalooza in both Chile and Argentina were announced recently, leaving us North Americans helplessly envious.

Arcade Fire’s latest album: Reflektor Review

By | Nov 4, 2013

Arcade Fire released their most recent album, Reflektor, on Oct.

The Head and the Heart’s “Let’s Be Still”: Album Preview

By | Oct 11, 2013

The Head and the Heart, an indie-rock folk band straight out of Seattle, Wash., is known for its complex harmonies, acoustic guitars, build ups, and vocal releases.