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Some Much Needed Perspective on Yasiel Puig

By | Apr 7, 2014

If you weren’t paying attention, baseball season started last week and last season’s biggest breakout story has already seen significant time in the limelight, though not in the most positive context.

Why my eyes were glued to Twitter all weekend.

By The Ithacan | Apr 7, 2014

Over the weekend, I kept a close eye on my Twitter feed because I was dying a slow, painful internal death. 

News content compromised by business reality, and where’s our future?

By | Apr 6, 2014

For start-up journalist like me, two most important questions I ask: Where does journalism get the money from and is the digitization of media revitalizing the morbid industry?

Falling Off Pace

By | Apr 3, 2014

The Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers began 2013-14 with two distinctly different approaches to the season, both with the ultimate hope of winning the NBA Finals.

“Feminism makes women miserable”…I’m sorry, what?

By The Ithacan | Apr 2, 2014

“Millions of women have taken feminist advice and it’s led to unparalleled misery.”
At a recent Heritage Foundation panel, syndicated columnist Mona Charen made this assertion. 

#CancelColbert More Complicated Than a Single Tweet (Pt. 2)

By | Apr 2, 2014

When I wrote about the ‘other side’ of the #CancelColbert controversy, the side that is being ignored by the mainstream media airtime but is at the heart of why the movement is so important, I realized I was getting myself into tricky territory.

#CancelColbert Aftermath Proves Campaign’s Vitalness (Part 1)

By | Apr 1, 2014

When I first saw the “#CancelColbert” movement filling up my Twitter dashboard, my initial reaction was to defend the host.

Another Note on NCAA Amateurism; Northwestern Football Unionizes

By | Apr 1, 2014

Shortly after Kentucky freshman guard Aaron Harrison hit a three-pointer to put his Wildcats into the Final Four, beating Michigan, USA Today sports writer Steve Berkowitz tweeted this:
For Harrison, at least for the time being, the shot was worth $0. 

Wu-Tang Clan and the “value of music”

By | Mar 26, 2014

In December, when I wrote about the surprise release of Beyoncé’s self-titled fifth album for Imprint Magazine, I dismissed the argument that its marketing gimmick was the only force behind its explosive sales, but it seemed like a no-brainer that we’d see record labels taking risks with their methods of distribution for a chance at higher sales.

Hello, my name is Hobby Lobby.

By The Ithacan | Mar 26, 2014

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States began hearing oral arguments in the case of Sebelius v.

Don’t Mess With Deadspin: A Public Relations Lesson of What Not To Do

By | Mar 26, 2014

Unless you’re looking for your messages to be publicly mocked online and/or have your email inbox obliterated, I would encourage not attempting to persuade the editors of Deadspin.com to censor their writing. 

Oil drilling in Yasuni, the last resort for a bleak economy

By | Mar 26, 2014

Recently I heard from a professor that Ecuadorian government has granted Chinese Developmental Bank a drilling license for oil on an area in the Amazon jungle.