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Even in China, it’s Social Media activism, not slacktivism…

By | Feb 23, 2014

When we talk about activism on social media, we immediately think about the students uprising during the Arab Spring or Occupy Wall Street.

Progress and Regress 3

By | Feb 23, 2014

The third installment of this weekly feature runs down the best and worst in this week’s pop culture news, including Looking, a “living doll,” and House of Cards.

Celebrity Backlash: Yet Another Gender Gap?

By | Feb 21, 2014

“My impression is that people needed a break from me,” Anne Hathaway joked in a late-January Huffington Post interview.

Antagonism for homosexuality is not ending with the closure of Winter Olympics

By | Feb 20, 2014

Russian’s crackdown on gay rights protest are exposed by media around the world through social media, and that has changed my perception of gay people…
When I came back to the U.S.

Single-Minded Sochi Criticism Falls Short of the Olympic Spirit

By | Feb 20, 2014

In lieu of last week’s Michael Sam announcement and the public outcry against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws amidst the Sochi Olympics, it might be best to make sure we don’t completely blind ourselves to progress left to be made in the United States.

Sexual assault in the military.

By The Ithacan | Feb 19, 2014

After having a brief heart attack last night when my Netflix wouldn’t load and being unable to watch House of Cards, I finished the remainder of the season this morning (don’t worry – no spoilers). 

“Lying By Omission:” Should Public Figures Feel Obligated to Come Out?

By | Feb 19, 2014

Speaking at the Human Rights Campaign’s “Time to Thrive” conference, the first annual such gathering designed to foster inclusion and safety for LGBT*Q+ youth, Ellen Page (Juno) publicly came out to an audience of several hundred.

I Hereby Invite You To The Greek Freak Bandwagon

By | Feb 18, 2014

For casual basketball fans just starting to tune into the NBA, as the season resumes post-All Star break, I want to introduce you to Milwaukee Bucks rookie Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Marriage and sacrifice.

By The Ithacan | Feb 17, 2014

I’ve been pretty much locked up in my room since Friday, binge watching House of Cards (if you didn’t do the same, you should re-evaluate your life choices here, friend). 

We’re Still Getting it Wrong on Addiction

By | Feb 17, 2014

When a celebrity dies, the typical stages of grief don’t happen the way they do after the death of a loved one.

Progress and Regress 2

By | Feb 15, 2014

This is your second weekly round-up of pop culture stories that represented small steps forward… or two steps back.

The peril of social media without vetting it…

By | Feb 14, 2014

This past weekend in Italy, Napoli Football Club had a heart attack moment over an alleged racial abuse claim from its home fans that has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook.