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Marijuana should be legalized to revive the economy

By | Feb 2, 2014

Marijuana has been legalized in Washington and Colorado, Hawaii might as well be the next state to join the group.

The State of the (female) Union

By | Feb 2, 2014

My god, can the President give a speech. 

Football and Concussions: Popularity and Concern Coming to a Head

By | Feb 2, 2014

This year the National Football League got likely their most ideal conference championship and Super Bowl weekends possible. 

Sherman’s March

By | Feb 1, 2014

Anyone who watched the NFC title game last weekend witnessed Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman spontaneously combust on the field after effectively ending the San Francisco ‘49ers’ season.

Chart Changes Mark Cultural Shift in Pop Music

By | Feb 1, 2014

In 1942, Billboard magazine, best known for its Hot 100 ranking of popular songs, introduced a new supplementary chart.

Simple Core Strengthening & Lower Body Workout

By | Nov 28, 2013

Simple Core Strengthening & Lower Body Workout
Perform each of the following exercises for 45 seconds.

Drop and Give Me 30! Russia Encourages Fitness Among Commuters

By | Nov 17, 2013

To promote wellness in honor of the 2014 Winter Olympics, Russian officials offer subway riders the option of doing 30 squats in lieu of paying 30 rubles for a ticket during the month of November.

Battle of the Bands at The Nines

By | Nov 11, 2013

On Saturday, The Nines in Collegetown was packed with college kids preparing themselves for a night of musical duels.

South America is doing it right: Lollapalooza 2014

By | Nov 11, 2013

The lineups for Lollapalooza in both Chile and Argentina were announced recently, leaving us North Americans helplessly envious.

The Importance of Reading Food Labels

By | Nov 10, 2013

The truth is, today you have no idea what you’re really eating unless you grew it yourself.

‘New Girl’ brings back its favorite Coach

By | Nov 7, 2013

‘New Girl’ is doing a first season throwback… in one of the biggest ways possible.

Terry Richardson in hot water…again…

By | Nov 6, 2013

Terry Richardson, photographer/provocateur extraordinaire, is making headlines again.