December 9, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 33°F



Earlier today, Will and I went on a bike ride to Lowes Home Improvement to pick up some gold spray paint.
“They have it at Lowes?” Will asked.
“Yeah, I got pink the other day,” I said. I really like spray paint.
The bike ride down was fine, because it was literally all down hill. My over simplified perception of Ithaca, New York’s geography is that it consists of two mountains: Cornell University and Ithaca College. So everything from school is down hill, but everything back is up.
“I’m kind of nervous for this hill,” I said as I looked up at the mountain in front of me on the way back.
Two peddles in, I couldn’t move.
“I’m givin’ her all she’s got,” I said. Will didn’t get my Star Trek reference, but that’s okay.
Another hill of walking—not biking—later, Will was nowhere to be found.
“He probably kept going. I’ll just turn up this street and see where I end up,” I said to myself. I recognized the name and it was going up hill, so I knew I would hit campus at some point.
40 minutes later I was pulling up to Will’s house from the opposite direction I should have been.
“I was so worried!” he started saying. Apparently, once he got home he turned around and went halfway back down the hill looking for me.
“Then I ran into Jeff, Taylor and Lull and told them that I lost you,” he said.
“Oh yeah, I kind of got distracted by less steep hills and stuff. I get lost a lot. I always find my way back, though,” I said.