January 30, 2023
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Fang-tastic dentalwork: trendy?

It’s no breaking news that cosmetic surgery has gained popularity in the past ten years.  The trends involved are largely horrifying (I won’t go into most of them). Today the internet told me that getting surgery to purposefully make your teeth crooked is apparently a new cosmetic surgery trend around the world.

…It’s okay. I, too, was perplexed by this.


In Japan, the “Yaeba” surgery has been gaining popularity in the last few years. The surgery involves shifting a person’s lateral incisors so that their canine cuspids stick out more and become a more prominent feature in their smile. The result is a mouth with a vampiric, fanged look that some people in eastern cultures find attractive.

Now I’m not saying that crooked teeth are ugly or straight teeth or beautiful. Clearly that is personal preference — whatever floats your boats, my friends. But I think I can at least say without people throwing things at me that I think it’s kind of amazing that people are paying money to make their teeth look crooked when there is no health reason involved, especially when it makes you look like Dracula (or if you prefer, Edward Cullen). But maybe that’s just me. I guess it could be viewed like any other body modifcation, like tattoos, piercings, and other more (questionable) drastic procedures (two words: tongue splitting). So hey, your body is your body, so power to you if you have been reading this, crossing your fingers that thissurgery becomes trendy over here in the States as well.