December 8, 2022
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Fireman Ed is what’s wrong with sports media

I wanted to title this blog “What I think about Fireman Ed” and hit the publish button without writing any content. But, I can’t because my readers out there would probably litter my lawn with real estate signs and pillage into my house begging for words to read. So you’re welcome, Mom and Dad, you can put your pitchforks down.

But, really, the fact I’m spending time on this Fireman Ed guy is painful. A fan “quitting” a team is not news. I shouldn’t be able to search “Fireman Ed” on Google and see every major news outlet covering a guy who got drunk and yelled the loudest at a football game. Sick, dude.

I can see a 50 word blub on the Jets’ website about it, maybe. I get it, he was an icon, created a chant, the captain of the Jets fans, yada yada. Is it news when the captain of the cheerleading team quits?

Maybe I titled this blog wrong, maybe it should be “Fireman Ed is what’s wrong with the world” because the amount of chatter I’ve heard about this guy out of my friend’s mouths rivals “Kardashian” out of my girlfriend’s mouth. It’s unnecessary focus spent on a useless topic.

We care too much about stuff that means nothing. I say that while sitting here wanting to become a sportswriter, so whatever.

Let’s write and talk about how he was an actual fireman, not the end of the most obnoxious fan of a corporate business.