November 26, 2022
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Giving Back

One of the most important things that I have learned while in South Africa, is how meaningful it is to give back, to volunteer, to help others. This sounds really cliché, american student going abroad to help poor african children, but at the same time there are people in dire need of services and who live in areas where there is no NGO presence. One of these places is Egoli.

Egoli is not a township. It is an informal settlement that is not recognized by the government, but still exists. Most homes are made of scrap material and found items. This is a place of severe poverty.

As part of my IES field research class, we are required to complete a project in a local community. I think we might be a little overambitious, but we plan to rebuild a small community center in Egoli and furnish it with food, sanitary and medical supplies, as well as books and games for children. Sounds easy enough, right?

Unfortunately it all comes down to money. Trying to get people to donate to a charity is really hard. How is one bleeding heart different from another. I can’t persuade you to become more selfless but from my experience on the other side, the next time somebody comes to my door asking for donations, i’ll probably give them something, even if it’s just the change in my pocket. A little bit can add up, a little bit can make a big difference.

If you want to learn more about our project, please visit:

or to donate!