February 8, 2023
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Glenn Beck, Leave Our Music Alone

%image_alt%I’m not a very political guy. I pay attention to politics, but I don’t define myself as Republican, Democrat, left, right or upside down. I’m an American with a brain. Since coming to Ithaca College, I’ve gotten slightly more involved and discovered what issues are important to me. But for the most part, I keep a safe distance and let the crazy people and theorists have their fun. But I might as well be a die-hard, blue-blooded liberal whenever I hear the latest comment coming out of the Glenn Beck camp.

Days after the Grammys, Mr. Beck called Muse’s performance at said Grammys “a call for revolution.” This wasn’t incredibly far off, but it still bothered me that he was getting involved. Really, Glenn Beck? The song called “Uprising” off of the album named “Resistance” is about revolution and unrest?! Who would have thought? Pay your researchers and fact-checkers a little extra for that gem.

So instead of freaking out because he was talking about one of my favorite bands, I just sat there and ignored it. And I also jokingly mentioned that the band now refuses to play the song live whenever Glenn Beck is in earshot.

Well, he’s at it again. The victims this time: TV juggernaut “Glee” and My Chemical Romance. Now I already believe that “Glee” and the Gleeks of the world are a mini cult (highlight, command+sarcasm font). But even I can tell you that “Glee” and MCR’s motives are not to brainwash American children into becoming lawless and senseless degenerates Hell-bent on overthrowing the government. Apparently he thinks otherwise.

Beck describes the lyrics to MCR’s song “Sing” as “propaganda” and “Glee,” who featured the song, as a “horror show” lacking values and celebrating self-gratification. While the song does evoke some images of discontent, Beck obviously disregarded the hopeful tone found in the remainder of the song with lyrics like, “Sing it out. Boy, you’ve got to see what tomorrow brings. Sing it out. Girl, you’ve got to be what tomorrow needs.”

Chilling stuff indeed. In fact, so chilling, that after Japan’s earthquake, MCR fans turned the song into a hashtag of well-wishes: #singitforJapan.

But we can let Mr. Beck go on living in his nightmare world of treachery and usurpation. We will continue to enjoy music the way it was meant to be enjoyed: as something inspiring. Not mind-controlling.

“Paranoia is in bloom, the PR transmissions will resume.” Unfortunately, those transmissions are brought to us by Glenn Beck. Click below:

Glenn Beck on Glee, My Chemical Romance