January 28, 2023
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Good Read: Soulbounce, Obama, Lil Wayne

If you don’t read SoulBounce, maybe you should. They seem to be able to catch things a long way down the road, good picks, good taste, and occasional commentary. Plus for a white person in Ithaca, NY, it’s an incredible resource for music that is…ahem…not indie rock or experimental and noise-based.

But, here they take on the question never too far from the front page of culture wars: that hip-hop is somehow the cause of the decline of once-great civilizations such as ours. Besides for the implausibility of that thesis – you know since that would mean hip-hop has more influence on our culture, than any other art form has had on any contemporaneous culture ever – it’s fundamentally and simply racist, as SoulBounce demonstrates.

Or maybe we should just storm over to the music school and demand the end of their ongoing celebration of the sound track to the super-rich of the past 300 years. Bach? Come on. Who was busting moves to his gavottes and minuets? The same people who attended executions and public torture for entertainment. Where has the culture gone?

Check it out: So the President Doesn’t Like Black People because he has Lil Wayne on his iPod?

Good stuff.