March 27, 2023
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Google’s On Tour

%image_alt%Google is out to get me. They have aligned with concert promoters across the country to further drain my wallet. This week, they announced that they will be providing concert listings for artists that listeners search for.


This can really streamline the process of looking up shows. Usually, you’d search for the band (unless you’re crazy like me and know their URL by heart), find the official page, click the tour tab and browse. No longer! Google will automatically populate a listing of concerts in your area right on the search results page.


The best part is that Google, in all of its wondrous mystery, will only suggest shows that are close to you. So at least they’re trying to cut down on my erratic six-hour drives to go see bands. That’s awfully nice of them. But still, it’s going to be so much easier to find shows and blow my already minimal cash supply.


Curse you, Google! I love you….