October 5, 2022
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Hot or Not

Assistant Accent Editor Kelsey Fowler judges which new “Glee” boys on season two are hitting the high notes and which ones are falling flat.


Darren Criss as “Blaine”

After reaching mega-stardom status among Harry Potter fans for his role as Harry in “A Very Potter Musical,” Darren Criss comes to “Glee” with a sultry voice and an even sexier look. His rendition of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” is poised to be the next best-selling single in the show’s history, likely to beat out “Don’t Stop Believin’” with an expected 150,000 to 170,000 downloads on iTunes. His character will be a regular on the show, serving as a mentor for gay character Kurt. Rumor has it Blaine might be a future boyfriend for Kurt as well. The two sing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” as a duet on the recently released Glee Christmas album. Don’t fret ladies, Criss is straight outside of the show.


Chord Overstreet as “Sam”

Luscious lips and alluring abs comprise Sam, the newest member of the Glee club this season. His blonde-haired, blue-eyed look is a scrumptious addition to the rest of the cast, and his budding relationship with cheerleader Quinn is believable and sweet. Their duet performance of “Lucky” was one of the best pairings so far this season. However, Sam’s character comes off as one-dimensional — only ever worried about his looks and reputation. His voice is charming, but his personality is still lacking.


John Stamos as “Carl”

Guidance counselor Emma’s new squeeze this season is dentist Carl, who seemingly spends more time in the Glee club’s high school than in his own office. After interrupting the high school’s production of “Rocky Horror” with a mediocre version of “Hot Patootie” and constantly keeping Will from Emma, Carl is an annoyance who has been around too long. He’s creepy — always having to defend his relationship — and doesn’t serve any purpose in the show except as a hindrance to Will’s attempt to woo Emma. He may be a new guy on “Glee,” but he shouldn’t stay.