February 1, 2023
Ithaca, NY | 21°F


Hot or Not

Get active

Whether it’s hitting the slopes for some skiing or boarding, or signing up for yoga classes at the gym, staying active in the winter is one of the best ways to beat the blizzards. Physical activity boosts serotonin (a mood-elevating chemical) levels in the body, helping fend off any signs of seasonal depression. Hit the cardio machines alone, try group fitness with friends at the gym or get outdoors for some extra vitamins to boost your mood. Any type of exercise will not only help shed some of those holiday pounds but also tone muscles for that killer spring break bod.

Have a spa day

While going to a four- or five-star spa can easily break the piggy bank, a DIY “spa day” is a great relaxation treat. With a quick trip to the pharmacy for some bath and beauty necessities — and a few other goodies to bribe the soon-to-be masseuse down the hall — those in need of some pampering can give themselves facials or invite some friends over for manis and pedis. Though it may require some penny-pinching, rejuvenating dry and cracked skin with homemade or natural treatments and indulging in some fun yet relaxing therapy is a great way to beat the winter weather.

Start a project

With college students multitasking every which way, health gurus are still suggesting that they take on additional projects to help them get out of the snowy slumps. In between papers and exams, or group projects and extracurricular activities, college students today have little time to do their work — let alone sleep — with time to spare. Giving people more indoor projects to do, claiming they’re good “distractions,” completely defeats the purpose of allotting time to spend outdoors in the natural sunlight for the mere five or six hours of peak lighting.

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