October 4, 2022
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Installment Sixteen: The End

Teal and lavender. This color combination remained an omnipresent force which consumed my thoughts as my high school career came to a close. These were the colors I wanted to guide me as I navigated my first year of college. My Mother and I searched for adornments of these shades each time we stumbled into a store. It began with a bedspread, purchased at a steep discount. Delicate light pink and purple flowers sprayed across a subdued teal background. This inaugural piece evolved into a myriad of other objects. A teal owl-shaped pencil holder; teal photo frames holding memories from a time past; a grey shaggy carpet matching the grey throw pillows perched atop my bed; teal lamps with psychedelic purple patterns; accent lighting strung above my bed. I can distinctly recall lying awake at night, drawing in my mind the exact locations of these objects. The careful order of the pillows, the pencil jar angled facing the desk lamp. Each piece memorialized a day spent with my Mother or a surprise shopping bag sitting on my floor when I returned from school. Never did I think these pieces would sit in a room which radically altered and redefined my life. Many believe a room is just a room. A place for sleeping, dressing, and self-composure. In my experience, a room can hold secrets and doubts; fears and revelations; moments of pure joy, and moments of gut-wrenching anxiety. My room has held all of these things. My room has staged my transition into adulthood, into relationships, and into defining the individual I wish to grow into as my college years progress. I look forward to seeing where my next room will take me and the experiences it will hold. Until next year, Ithaca.