December 10, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 26°F


Ithaca is Gourd-geous!

In preparation for Halloween, fall decorations are appearing all over Ithaca. Community members are picking up pumpkins and gourds at nearby farms like the Eddydale Farm Stand on Elmira Road.

Durst Breneiser/The IthacanFrom left, Theodore “Teddy” Rauen and his grandmother Donna Barsotti, of Ithaca, take a break from searching for a pumpkin to play with a hanging scarecrow in the Halloween greenhouse Tuesday afternoon.


Durst Breneiser/The IthacaBob Kellogg, of Newfield, N.Y., carries pumpkins to restock Eddydale Farm’s pumpkin supply. The Eddydale Farm Stand brings in pumpkins from many different pumpkin patches around upstate New York.


Durst Breneiser/The IthacanGourds are piled up in crates and bins among the other fall produce for sale, such as Indian corn, cherry tomatoes and sweet onions.


And check out what Rob Doran ended up doing with those pumpkins he carried out.