February 5, 2023
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Jesse Pinkman wants you to dance, bitch

The ‘Breaking Bad’ bonanza might not be over yet.

A popular techno track called “Dance Bitch,” based off of one of the final lines in the ‘Breaking Bad’ series finale, has gained traction in the underground music world.

The track was created by Tom Neville and Zen Freeman and features the voice of Aaron Paul.  Paul’s character, Jesse Pinkman, was the actor who said the line (‘Dance, bitch.’) in the show’s finale.

“Dance Bitch” is styled after “Barbara Streisand,” Duck Sauce’s viral hit from 2010.  Unlike “Barbara Striesand” however, ‘Dance Bitch” arose from a close friendship between Aaron Paul and the creators of the track.

“Zen’s been a friend of mine for years,” Paul said in an earlier interview. “Being that he’s a DJ… we talked about the idea of doing something fun together.”

The song has a surprisingly low production value, as the vocals were recorded on an iPhone, and was cheap to make.  Because of the series’ and song’s popularity, it was picked up through a licensing deal shortly after a bidding war for the song ended.

Interestingly, neither AMC nor High Bridge Entertainment, the production company behind ‘Breaking Bad,’ has any financial ties to the track.

Rising Music, the company that licensed the track, has posted “Dance Bitch” on Soundcloud for interested listeners.  The track can be found here.