December 9, 2022
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Jews in Sports

The Jewish holiday of Passover began last night. I just so happen to be Jewish so I thought this might be a good time to take a look at some of the best Jewish athletes out there right now. Part 2 should come later this week.

1.Mike Cammalleri-Camalleri’s a left wing for the Montreal Canadiens and scored 19 goals for them this season, not counting the one he has in the playoffs against Boston. Alas, he does not play for the Red Wings but Miroslav Satan’s never played for the New Jersey Devils either, has he?

2.Stephen Weiss-Weiss is arguably the best forward on the Florida Panthers right now. That might not sound all that impressive but I think we can all agree that scoring 21 goals in 76 games this past season isn’t too shabby.

3.Amare Stoudemire-alright, he converted from Christianity but that still counts in my book. Stoudemire’s scored over 13,000 points and grabbed over 5,000 rebounds in his eight seasons so far in the NBA. Also, he’s a major reason why we even have the chance to debate whether the referees cost the New York Knicks Game 1.

4.Ryan Braun-the 2007 NL Rookie of the Year, he hit 25 HRs and had 188 hits for the Milwaukee Brewers last year alone. Additional points for his nickname, the “Hebrew Hammer.”

5.Igor Olshansky-you don’t hear too much about Jewish NFL players but then again, you don’t hear too much about Ukrainian NFLers either. Olshansky, a defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, is both.