January 29, 2023
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Let’s Work It Out: Tips for the Gym

Welcome back to campus and to a whole new year of trying to pursue the resolutions you made a month ago.  Hopefully the month hasn’t been too rough on some of you, causing feelings of failure to sink in: We’ve got 11 more months to go!  Last semester we covered ways to create a healthy diet for day to day life on campus; here we are all ready and nutritionally balanced, so let’s start working out!  Below are a few tips to new and old gym goers to follow to enjoy your fitness experience.

  • Have a good meal at least two hours beforehand
    • Lack of calorie intake pre-workout because you will have no energy to work off of!
  • Drink water throughout the day (Before, during and after)
    • Lack of hydration for your workouts can end with light headedness and lack of energy during the workout.
  • Stretch Before and After
    • Reach to the sky and the ground to avoid cramps and injuries.  Your body will be a more relaxed and ready to do more activities if you’re stretched out.
  • Do machines and activities you are comfortable with
    • If you get onto a machine that you’re not sure how to work, you may feel embarrassed and less likely to go your hardest at the exercise (or that might have just been me)
    • In that case, bring a friend that knows their way around, or ask someone on the Fit Crew how!
  • However, don’t push yourself too hard!
    • Doing too much can hurt your body later and keep you from continuously attending the gym like you intended.
    • Don’t go everyday! Give yourself breaks; your body needs it.
  • Vary up your routine
    • If your body gets too used to the exercises you do, it’s less likely any improvements will happen because your body is too familiar.
  • Have a good playlist on deck – or not…
    • Know what stimulates your workout!  For some (like me) having a playlist with crazy beats are exactly what I need (ex; Take Ü There by Jack U ft. Kiesza).  Others may just like the sound of machines and dropping weights as a background.
    • **If you’re working out on a cardio machine, most screens have working television and on demand!
  • Post workout meals should include good nutrients as well
    • Because you’ve used up all your energy, it’s important to fill up on nutrients again to replenish your body
    • **The on campus nutritionist told me that I should drink chocolate milk after my workouts…I’m not complaining
  • Find a time to go when it’s not packed
    • The best time to go to the gym is when it’s somewhat empty – that way you don’t have to wait for machines that you want
    • *I predict that the gym is not going to be constantly packed (like it is now) after a couple of weeks…But I believe in the rest of you!
    • Going around 7AM when the fitness center opens is a prime time because no one wants to be up at that time unless you really want it.
      • I also suggest this time so that you can do other things during the day, and not feel guilty about potentially missing a gym day.