October 6, 2022
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LGBT box for the Common App?

The Common Application recently rejected a proposal to add a box that would identify students’ sexual orientation. The proposal was created in hopes to send a powerful message to high school students who use the Common Application. More than 400 institutions use the application.

But some colleges are considering adding their own boxes regarding sexual orientation on applications, one of them being the University of Pennsylvania. Similar to checking off one’s race, this is just another way for a student to find a fit for them. Plus, it’s an option students have. If a student is LGBT, he doesn’t have to check it. (and hey, if it gets you more scholarships, then I say bold that check!) Being ranked a gay-friendly institution, I wonder if this is something Ithaca College would ever consider.

One thing to remember, though, is that not all schools are as open-minded and gay-friendly as the college. Think it could be possible that a conservative college would deny acceptance to an openly gay student?