December 7, 2022
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MLB Playoffs Living Up To Excitement

As the League Championship Series begin, it’s real hard not to get excited about what’s transpired so far in this year’s baseball postseason.

Some nay-sayers might think that since two of the LDS series were sweeps and only one went five games that it has not been thrilling to watch. Quite the contrary.

Here’s just a quick rundown of what we’ve seen so far.

There was a no-hitter, only the second in postseason history. I happened to be at the Roy Halladay no-no, selling programs for the Philadelphia Phillies. Let’s just say the line at my program booth following the game went a mile and then some.

There was a game in which one player was dubbed the goat and cost his team a trip to the NLCS. Brooks Conrad is now the Bill Buckner of Atlanta Braves baseball. It was a sour way for Bobby Cox to go out, but definitely not lacking any drama.

How about the dominance of one Clifton Lee, who helped the Texas Rangers win their first postseason series in franchise history. Not only that, their five game set against the Tampa Bay Rays saw neither team win a home game.  How often do you see that? It’s boring when no  team wins a road game and thus the squad with homefield advantage comes out the victors. This was the exact opposite.

And let’s not overlook what happened last night in Arlington, Texas. The Rangers had a 5-0 lead late in the game. A Game 1 win was in their back pocket. But those darn Yankees found a way to continue their postseason mystique with five runs in the eighth inning. Those Rangers just can’t win at home.

Going back to my predictions as the playoffs were beginning, I was dead on with the National League side. I thought the Giants would defeat the Braves and the Phillies would take care of the Reds. However, on the American League side I misjudged the Texas Rangers, thinking they didn’t stand a chance against the Rays.  Maybe they’ll win all three games out in New York, but cough up all four in Texas. That would be something.

None the less, tonight I once again sell programs for the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 1 of the NLCS. To say I’m chomping at the bit to get to the park is an understatement. Halladay against Tim Lincecum will be just another addition to the already stellar list just mentioned. Wait and see. If you’re into pitcher’s duals, then this evening’s game is for you.

Postseason baseball – nothing like it.