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Weak at the Knees: The Physical Therapy Clinic

Since I was in about 7th grade I’ve had knee problems.  I was involved in three sports and dance at the same time; but being so young, it shouldn’t have been such a problem.  I come from a long line of knee issues, so after middle school I tried as much as possible not to put too much stress on my knees, as I’ve seen the problem get worse with age in my family.

When I found out that IC had a free Physical Therapy program for students, I was extremely happy.  I was finally going to get fit all the way around, and with the help from PT, I would be able to do more exercises.  My friend, Leslie Espinosa, had been going to the clinic for 3 weeks before I finally got off the waiting list.  She tore her ACL this past year while skiing, and told me she was now able to run around during her practices with the Ultimate Frisbee club.

The first day I walked into the clinic, I went to the very friendly and lovely Emily at reception to give her the paperwork regarding my injury.  My first student physical therapist, Tyler, came out to greet me and took me over to the clinic.  Barbara Belyea, Clinical Professor  and Associate Chair of the PT Department, and Tyler evaluated my knees to see how they could help.

Thursday PT with Blair

Thursday PT with Blair

After putting me through a couple of physical tests, they guided me through some exercises.  Tyler gave me a sheet with some of the exercises I could do in my dorm or at the fitness center.  On Thursday I met my second physical therapy student, Blair, where I continued to do the exercises, with some new ones that he saw fit.

Although I’ve only been to four of the sessions, the IC Physical Therapy Clinic has helped a lot.  I’m now more cautious of the way that I stand as to not harm my knees, and the exercises to benefit them have also been working out my abs and glutes.

Unfortunately, the block is over so I won’t see Tyler or Blair anymore, but they did help a lot in the two sessions I saw each of them.  Not only did the students they help me with my injuries, but they’re really great people to talk to in general.  If you have any sort of injury that you think needs assistance, I highly suggest checking out the clinic.