March 20, 2023
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Song of the Week: “Silenced By the Night”

%image_alt%I have a slight obsession with the letter “k” when it comes to music. Most of my favorite bands utilize this special letter in their names: The Killers, Kings of Leon, Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian and The Kills. Oh, and Keane. Besides The Killers, Keane has been with me the longest since I really started getting into music. Songs like “Is It Any Wonder?” and “Crystal Ball” sucked me right in from the get go. And I’m still a fan today.


So I’m obviously looking forward to their new album, Strangeland, which comes out May 7th.  The album’s frontrunner single is “Silenced By the Night.” On the track, Keane returns to their bombastic power pop and goes for the jugular with their play to listeners’ emotions. If you liked their third album, Perfect Symmetry, you’re going to like what you hear with this track.