December 3, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 43°F



With a week of the fall TV season under its belt, I sat in bed on Saturday and watched a lot of it with a friend.

“I should be doing homework,” I said, hour three into it.

“Isn’t this your homework?” she asked, because I am a television-radio major.

“No, but I mean, we do talk about it in class,” I said, trying to justify my actions.

I didn’t do much homework this weekend, but I did find out who lived and who died at the end of last season in “Grey’s Anatomy,” and that Dwight carries a Camelbak this season in “The Office.” Which, to me, is just as important as the female composers of the 17th century.

As a TVR major, all my friends assume my homework revolves around TV. Which I wish was the case, but isn’t so.

I used to want to be a doctor, because I watched “Grey’s Anatomy.” Then I started watching “Sex and the City,” and came to college as a journalism major. When I realized that I base all my life choices off TV, I changed to TVR.

It’s funny how stuff works out, because writing is still what I like to do best, but I prefer TVR. Maybe it’s the fact that for a final project I’m making a movie about the Gallon Challenge, or maybe it’s because I can pretend that watching “Modern Family” and “The League” is for class.