December 7, 2022
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You’re just a bunch of dirty misfits.

A group of adolescents are sentenced to community service and get caught in a lightning storm that gives them supernatural powers. Woah. Backtrack. Sounds like a winner.

I just got completely hooked on a British comedy-drama series from 2009 (appropriately called “Misfits”). The show, which has two short seasons out at this point, is a brilliantly directed, wonderfully shot bundle of laughs, sex, drugs, drama and everything in between.

I’m normally not one to give shows a fighting chance. The last one I seriously committed to catching up on from start to finish was “True Blood,” and that determination was mainly fed by my obsession with anything that Anna Paquin touches (or screams her head off at). So I implore you to give this little ditty a shot at the big leagues in your late-night TV fix schedule.

The show’s success has raised some eyebrows in the television world, especially after the series snagged a BAFTA for best drama over some leading British contenders. It’s even sparked rumors that a U.S. remake could soon be in the works. I say fie on that after what MTV did to poor old “Skins,” a fantastic series that had its home on the same channel as “Misfits” in the UK. Some person somewhere in history once said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And though the characters in the show are just about as screwed up in the head as you can be while still appearing normal, their show is as solid as a Level 50 Metapod.

Yes, I just made a Pokémon reference. But that’s beside the point. Free episodes online, man. How are you still resisting this?