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January 16, 2019   |   Ithaca, NY

Sleep and why it is important

By | Dec 3, 2018

Many people ignore these nudges toward rest, and whether its due to work constraints or the release of your favorite show, it can still lead to sleep deprivation.

Does cramming work?

By The Ithacan | Nov 12, 2018

Overall, the best way to study for an exam is to work with the information in multiple sessions to create more bridges and links in your mind.

The psychology of procrastination

By | Oct 29, 2018

In honor of the ever-growing list of homework and tasks I need to get done, I thought I’d step into the realm of psychology to discuss procrastination.

The different effects of coffee

By | Oct 7, 2018

Just because coffee helps me focus and helps my friend wake up doesn’t mean that it will do the same for you.

Can your heart skip a beat?

By | Sep 25, 2018

It got me thinking about heart anatomy and what it means to say that your heart skipped a beat.