March 30, 2023
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LGBT Center creates an evening for students to celebrate

By | Mar 29, 2023

Students dusted off their dancing shoes and broke out their best outfits for the first post-COVID-19 pandemic Pride Prom on March 23 in the Emerson Suites. 

Review: 100 gecs tackle internet cringe in hyperpop album

By | Mar 29, 2023

100 gecs take the eccentric hyperpop genre to the next level with internet humor and alternative rock in their new album, “10,000 gecs.”

Review: New ‘Scream’ installment stabs its fans in the back

By | Mar 22, 2023

After the 2022 “Scream” movie revitalized the franchise for a new generation of slasher fans, it’s sad to say that “Scream VI” takes a step backward.

College plans to expand meal plan options and have swipes at eateries

By | Mar 8, 2023

Changes have been proposed to how dining at Ithaca College will operate in the future, with the inclusion of new meal plans and an exchange system. 

Linda Petrosino retires as dean of the School of HSHP

By | Mar 3, 2023

Melanie Stein, provost and senior vice president of academic affairs, announced the retirement of Linda Petrosino as dean of the School of HS&HP.

Netflix’s new account-sharing policy impacts students

By | Feb 22, 2023

Netflix’s end to password-sharing has sparked a debate regarding how the new rule will impact college students.

Coursicle founder opens up about mental health

By | Feb 15, 2023

Joe Puccio, co-founder of Coursicle, experienced a mental breakdown but used it as an opportunity to destigmatize mental health.

Starbucks unions continue to fight anti-union efforts in court

By | Feb 8, 2023

Starbucks workers across New York State are complaining of continued retaliation and coercion by management in an attempt to stop unionization efforts, resulting in lawsuits against the company.

Pentathlete lands atop D-III with program record score

By | Feb 7, 2023

At the Bomber Invitational on Feb. 4 and 5, graduate student Logan Bruce highlighted the second day of competition after setting a new school record in the pentathlon. 

Men’s basketball motivates team with “Bomber Belt”

By | Feb 1, 2023

As the Ithaca College men’s basketball program has raced out to a 12–6 record, the team has been awarding players the “Bomber Belt” after every win to give recognition to a strong performer.

Student demographics data begins to be more gender-inclusive

By | Jan 24, 2023

2022–23 demographics data has become more inclusive after the Common App and the college started recording students’ gender identity.

Patterns of sexual violence and hazing persist in fraternities

By | Dec 7, 2022

Fraternities at Cornell University have made it into headlines in many major publications for reports of drink-spiking and a sexual assault at fraternity parties.