May 28, 2023
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Review: Paramore is back and better than ever

By | Feb 21, 2023

Longtime fans of Paramore who have grown up listening to their music now have “This Is Why,” an album that shows the band’s maturity over the years.

Bombers show out at Liberty League Championships

By | Feb 21, 2023

The 2023 Liberty League swimming and diving championships are in the books and both the Ithaca College men’s and women’s teams made some waves once again. 

IC talks all things film with pre-FLEFF events

By | Feb 15, 2023

FLEFF officially finds its new home at the college’s Roy H. Park School of Communications. To celebrate this development, the Park School announced it will be hosting five pre-festival events.

Review: ‘The Last Hours’ series finale disappoints

By | Feb 15, 2023

After a two-year-wait for the finale of Cassandra Clare’s “The Last Hours” trilogy, fans leave the story feeling dissapointed by the conclusion.

Editorial: Cinemapolis’ new policies assist its audience vastly

By | Feb 15, 2023

“Masked Tuesdays” and “Open Captioned Wednesdays” are very creative ways to draw the community’s attention,

COVID-19 testing location moves to Muller Hall

By | Feb 15, 2023

In a Feb. 6 Intercom post, it was announced that the free on-campus COVID-19 testing location has moved from Boothroyd Hall to Muller Hall. 

Column: Grammys place unfair expectations on Black women

By | Feb 15, 2023

Beyoncé losing the Grammy award for Album of the Year to Harry Styles has sparked conversations about unfair standards toward Black women.

Q&A: Hillel cantor releases new book about Judaism

By | Feb 15, 2023

Cantor Abbe Lyons released her new book, “Jewish Liturgy: A Guide for Everyone,” which discusses the observance of Judaism through recitations and music.

Review: Home invasion thriller meets end of the world

By | Feb 14, 2023

M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller “Knock at the Cabin” serves as a reminder that not all of his movies have to have a twist to be highly regarded.

Review: Lil Yachty turns to psychedelic rock

By | Feb 9, 2023

On “Let’s Start Here,” Lil Yachty reinvents himself. What is most surprising is how comfortable he seems to be in the world of rock.