December 10, 2022
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Acclaimed director set to guest-teach new theater course

A new Block II course in the theater department is encouraging aspiring writers, directors, actors, technicians and theater lovers in the Ithaca College community to share their talents and get creative.  

Devising Theatre, offered by the theater department, will be guest-taught by Jen Wineman, a freelance director and choreographer from New York City. Most recently, she has worked with the New York Theatre, the Regional Theatre and the Yale School of Drama, producing works like “The 39 Steps” and “The Tempest.” The course will provide instruction on how to craft a play from scratch. Students will learn how to use inspiration from their lives to create original pieces of theater.

“I want to give students the tools to take their own experiences and ideas and create their own work,” Wineman said.  

For most of the course, the class will devise a piece of theater together, reflecting the collective talents and interests of the students. As a final project, students will work in groups to design their own creative work.

Wineman said she is interested to see what the students will bring to the table.  

“I want people to understand that you can make theater out of anything as long as you have passion and creativity,” Wineman said.

Wineman was hired by the college to guest direct “Anon(ymous),” which will take to the stage in December, and also to teach a class in an area of her expertise. Wineman said this class is unlike others the department has offered, and she is eager to create alongside the students.  

Wineman has previously worked with graduates of the college and said she looks forward to working with students here again.  

“I was so impressed with the level of talent at Ithaca,” Wineman said. “There is so much enthusiasm and creativity, and I’m excited to work with them.”
Students can add this Block II class on HomerConnect now. The deadline to register is Oct. 25.