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July 5, 2020   |   Ithaca, NY

Student productions ramp up for ICTV spring season

By | Dec 3, 2014

Four new student productions are set to hit screens this upcoming spring television season.

Ithaca College hosts a gingerbread house–making competition

By | Dec 3, 2014

The Student Activites Board held the Extreme Gingerbread Making Competition in IC Square on Dec. 2. This event was held in celebration of the holiday season.

New York–based group brings media summit to Ithaca College campus

By | Dec 3, 2014

The New York Film Student Alliance will provide students with networking opportunities Dec. 6, during its media summit.

Campus organization brings cabaret to Ithaca College with LGBT twist

By | Dec 3, 2014

Campus group PRISM brings LGBT voices to campus with Queer Cabaret.

Ithaca coffee shops pair sweet treats with ambiance

By | Nov 19, 2014

Ithaca’s many coffee shops provide customers with a comfortable workspace and quality cups of Joe.

Cold Weather Hits Ithaca College

Snow first hit Ithaca College on Nov. 13. The temperature hit as low as 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ithaca College group devoted to acceptance without borders

By | Nov 19, 2014

IC Life Without Borders, founded by sophomore Josh Kelly, is dedicated to acceptance in all forms.

IC Active Minds exhibits campus secrets in new mental health initiative

By | Nov 19, 2014

Ithaca College’s secrets will be exhibited in of an art exhibit, as part of the mental health program PostSecretU.

Ithaca-based group teaches primitive skills

By | Nov 12, 2014

Ithaca-based organization Primitive Pursuits is taking a hand-on approach to connect individuals with the natural world.

City of Ithaca holds Veterans Day Parade

By , | Nov 12, 2014

The Veterans Day Parade was held on Nov. 9 in Ithaca, NY.

Ithaca College student changes way of life after accident

By | Nov 12, 2014

Senior Spencer Bailey decided to change his life after a drunk-driving accident eight years ago.

Author Victor LaValle reads latest novel at Ithaca College

By | Nov 12, 2014

Guggenheim Fellow and renowned author Victor LaValle visited the college as part of its Distinguished Writer’s Series.