March 27, 2023
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Review: Hollywood icons reunite as football antics ensue

By | Feb 15, 2023

The star power held among Sally Field, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Lily Tomlin makes “80 for Brady” worth a watch, even if it’s nothing great.

Review: Home invasion thriller meets end of the world

By | Feb 14, 2023

M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller “Knock at the Cabin” serves as a reminder that not all of his movies have to have a twist to be highly regarded.

Review: Raye’s debut album is personal and vulnerable

By | Feb 14, 2023

Throughout the course of just her first studio album, Raye masters the art of storytelling — something that is often lost in modern-day music.

Review: R&B trio blends musical ideas to great effect

By | Feb 14, 2023

“Heavy Heavy” sees the R&B Scottish trio, Young Fathers, beautifully showcasing the power of blending musical cultures together.

Review: Lil Yachty turns to psychedelic rock

By | Feb 9, 2023

On “Let’s Start Here,” Lil Yachty reinvents himself. What is most surprising is how comfortable he seems to be in the world of rock.

Review: Parannoul captures how it feels to grow up

By | Feb 9, 2023

South Korean shoegaze artist, Parannoul, returns with a sophomore album that provides comfort to the terrifying reality of growing up in the world.

Review: Singles of the Week 1/30

By | Feb 8, 2023

Singles for the week 1/30.

Review: Sam Smith sings their inner heart out

By | Feb 8, 2023

Sam Smith’s new album is a powerful mix of gospel, techno and pop music, making “Gloria” an emotionally fulfilling listening experience for fans.