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Review: Indie-pop album embodies “All The Feels”

All The Feels

Fitz and The Tantrums

Fitz and The Tantrums, the six-person indie-pop and neo-soul band from Los Angeles is on a high note with its new album. Sirens sound as Michael Fitzpatrick, lead vocalist of the band, stumbles into an emergency room with light glowing from the left side of his chest. Then Noelle Scaggs, co-lead vocalist and percussionist and an EMT in the music video, heals Fitzpatrick’s heart. This dramatic opener to the music video for the song “All The Feels” encompasses the band’s perseverance and positivity even when life knocks it down. The band’s new album, also called “All The Feels,” embodies music’s healing power beautifully.

The band’s fourth studio album consists of 17 heartfelt songs. Fitzpatrick and Scaggs are joined by James King, who plays the saxophone, flute, keyboard, percussion and guitar; Joseph Karnes, bass and guitar player; keyboard player Jeremy Ruzumna; and John Wicks, drummer and percussionist.

“All The Feels” transcends typical dance music. With catchy choruses and a soulful sound, the album explores a wide range of emotions. The third song on the album, “I Just Wanna Shine,” is about actively choosing to live the best day despite stressors. Lyrics like, “I just wanna shine/ Like the sun when it comes up/ Run the city from the rooftops/ ‘Cause today’s gonna be my day,” conveys this message simply but eloquently.

The songs “Ain’t Nobody but Me” and “I Need Help!” share a powerful message of self-acceptance. Through the lyrics, the band prioritizes authenticity and normalizes asking for help. Both songs maintain clear messages with upbeat tempos and empowering lyrics.

The song “Dark Days” is an inspirational work of art. Lyrics like, “I’ma keep dreaming in these dark days/ ‘Cause you never know, you never know/ Oh, all that pain that I picked up on the way/ I just let it go” express the band’s message honestly.

While every song on this album could be added to a dance or workout playlist, “SuperMagik” and “Kiss the Sky” would be top contenders. “SuperMagik” is a punchy tune that dares the listener to move to the beat. “Kiss the Sky” has a lively and carefree energy that would be perfect for blasting in the car during midnight drives.

The final song on the album, “Livin’ for the Weekend,” is fast-paced, and it matches the album’s theme of rising up quickly from failure. The songs include party music without being obnoxious and motivational music without being soppy. The band’s longest album to date, “All The Feels” is the ideal balance.