December 6, 2022
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Review: Singles of the Week 9/26

“This Is Why”


Release date: 9/28

Record label: Atlantic Records Group

Right from its electric opening, Paramore reminds listeners that its indie rock charm isn’t going anywhere. After a five-year hiatus from releasing music, “This Is Why” is a proper return to form, with extremely relatable lyrics and a variety of engaging instrumentation.



“Get Off My”

Julia Wolf

Release date: 9/29

Record label: BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

Upandcoming artist Julia Wolf shows off her vocal talent with an empowering and rebellious song, pushing back against the people who did her wrong. As the third single from Wolf’s upcoming debut album, to be released in early 2023, Wolf is building up to something impressive.





Release date: 9/30

Record label: Island Records

While this new single is far from one of M.I.A.’s most memorable or unique tracks, its quick beat and decent lyrics are enough to entertain and excite listeners. Clocking in at just two minutes, “Beep” would have benefited from more meat on the bone.



“Charlie Be Quiet!”

Charlie Puth

Release date: 9/30

Record label: Atlantic Records Group

Simply by just reading the extremely unsubtle title of Charlie Puth’s new single, listeners may find themselves cringing on the inside. While the song itself is nothing special in theme or musicality, the rock-anthem chorus is at least one highlight.


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