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Review: Vamps ‘wake up’ fans

"Wake Up"

The Vamps

With groups like One Direction and The Wanted still proving to be significant boy bands from the United Kingdom, pop-punk band The Vamps constantly lives in the shadows. On Nov. 27, the band released its second album “Wake Up,” a debut that fans have patiently awaited for almost two years.

The band’s first album, “Meet The Vamps,” released Nov. 4, 2014, officially solidified a spot in the hearts of teenage girls worldwide, but due to a lengthy world tour, they were quickly put on the back burner. Not only did the album debut just in time for the holidays, but also was exactly what the boy band needed to put it back in the spotlight.

The album is about relationships. Whether it is being in a relationship, ending it or forming a new one, each of the album’s 12 songs addresses a new concept. Band members Bradley Simpson, James Daniel McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans use strong vocals in up-tempo songs like “Rest Your Love,” and on songs with a slower vibe like “Stolen Moments.” Not only does the album have a clear variety among songs that can be used for a jam session and ones that are sure to evoke emotion, but it also dips into new genres with the song “Volcano” that features Silento, a hip-hop and rhythm and blues artist.

Aside from the melodies and catchy tunes, each song tells a story. Through the use of clear and meaningful lyrics, The Vamps make their message known. Relationships may be a tough part of life, but they go on with a cyclical nature until finding “the one.” The listener is serenaded through the sweet sounds of the band members’ voices.

If The Vamps have not been on the radar of boy bands to watch, “Wake Up” is sure to alert music enthusiasts to the band’s presence. Other boy bands may have to watch their back because just as The Vamps say in “Volcano,” “Give me a spark, and I’ll give you explosions.” This album was definitely their spark, and their career may just explode because of it.