March 26, 2023
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Review: Zayn impresses after leaving One Direction

"Mind of Mine"


March 25 marked one year since Zayn Malik left the band One Direction and also the release of his first album, “Mind of Mine.” His leaving the band was caused by his unhappiness with the type of music One Direction produced. Going in a different musical direction now, Zayn shows a softer side of his musical talents than what he showed while he was in the band. “Mind of Mine” has a more mature sound that has a mixture of pop and rhythm and blues, making it an album worth listening to.

The lyrics on this album bring out a more mature tone from Zayn than his lyrics when he was singing typical teen-pop songs with One Direction. His use of profanity and sexualized lyrics gives him an edgier image than his formerly shy persona. During his time in the band, most of the songs the group sang were about the joys of being in love. Zayn takes a different stance on this album and shows the complications of romantic relationships. The album, in a sense, is therapeutic, as he talks about heartache he experienced in his previous relationship with his ex-fiancee. The first single of the album is “PILLOWTALK,” in which Zayn sings about having sexual relations but also how hardships in relationships bring a couple together. The highlight of the album is “INTERMISSION: fLoWer.” It’s less than two minutes long and sung in Urdu, his father’s native language. The combination of the acoustic guitar and drums and the non-English lyrics make this song sound extraordinary.

Zayn has done a complete 180 on his first studio album as a solo artist. The album isn’t filled with cheesy love songs, but rather with songs that are more soulful and emotional. There is no trace of his former image as cheery pop singer, leaving only the image of a raw, soulful singer. This album shows that leaving One Direction was a great decision for him.

Zayn’s new album is sure to become a success even after leaving his former band. The different genres and raw emotion seen on “Mind of Mine” are what make this a great album.