February 1, 2023
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Life & Culture

The Happiness Project: Do you feel happy?

“The Happiness Project” engages the Ithaca College community with questions about happiness.

This week’s question:

Do you feel happy? Explain in a minute or less.


Leonard Davis, Class of 2017, Business Administration and Finance. LUKE HARBUR/THE ITHACAN

“I’m in a state of euphoria. Beyond happiness.”


From left to right: Gabriella Pesce, Class of 2019, Mathematics. Renee Brown, Class of 2019, Health Science with Pre-Med concentration (speaking). LUKE HARBUR/THE ITHACAN

“Today’s all right. The weather’s got me down. I guess I’m happy.”


Suzannah Van Gelder, Class of 2020, Culture & Communication. LUKE HARBUR/THE ITHACAN

“I think Ithaca is full of positive energy and happy people.”

Audio contributed by Multimedia Editor Luke Harbur and staff members Maxine Hansford and Natalie Newman.