November 26, 2022
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The Happiness Project: Tell us about a gift you received

“The Happiness Project” engages the Ithaca College community with questions about happiness.

This week’s question:

Tell us about a gift you received that made you feel happy.


Leeanna Campbell, Class of 2019, Writing for Film, TV, and Emerging Media. JULIA DAMESEK/THE ITHACAN

“I would say the gift that made me the happiest is being able to come to this school because … ” – Leeanna


Scott Hamula, associate professor and chair for strategic communication. JONATHAN RUSSO/THE ITHACAN

“Every time I get a gift from my ad lab class … ” – Scott Hamula


Chun Li, lab instrument coordinator for the chemistry department. JULIA DAMESEK/THE ITHACAN

“So a gift I got … it’s a piano, an electronic piano … ” – Chun


Alison Hartley, Class of 2018, Communication Management and Design. LUKE HARBUR/THE ITHACAN

“Last night my friend brought me Taco Bell … ” – Alison


William Fowler, Class of 2020, Film, Photography and Visual Art. JONATHAN RUSSO/THE ITHACAN

“I gift that made me happiest was when I turned 16 years old … ” – William

 Audio contributed by Multimedia Editor Luke Harbur and staff members Julia Damesek and Jonathan Russo.