December 6, 2022
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The Happiness Project: Which season makes you happy and why?

“The Happiness Project” engages the Ithaca College community with questions about happiness.

This week’s question:

Which season makes you happy and why?


Linda Vallancourt, Class of 2019, Integrated Marketing Communications. LUKE HARBUR/THE ITHACAN

“I’d say fall makes me the most happy because … ” — Linda


Dan Kustin, Class of 2018, Emerging Media. LUKE HARBUR/THE ITHACAN

“So, I think all seasons make me happy for different reasons . . . ” — Dan


Sheri Steurer, Insurance Coordinator Student Group, Center for Counseling, Health and Wellness. LUKE HARBUR/THE ITHACAN

“It’s spring because … ” — Sheri


Lindsey Fisher, Class of 2017, Clinical Health Sciences. LUKE HARBUR/THE ITHACAN

“I like the transition of seasons … ” — Lindsey

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