IC Rise Up works with faculty members in solidarity walkout

Students gathered around Free Speech Rock outside of Phillips Hall to listen to faculty members' stories, reflections and concerns with the institutionalized discrimination on Ithaca College's campus.

IC Rise Up held a first walkout March 8, where students of color were encouraged to share their stories and frustrations with their experiences on Ithaca College’s campus. On March 29, a second walkout was organized. This time, faculty and staff were given the opportunity to reflect and show support for the students on campus and discuss changes that can be made within the institution.

From left, seniors Daisy Codallos-Silva and Thomas Attie welcomed all members of the walkout and mediated the speakers. KEVIN YU/THE ITHACAN

Derek Adams, associate professor in the English Department, voices issues with the teachings and structures of the curriculum at Ithaca College. GRACE VANDERVEER/THE ITHACAN



Students and members of the campus community gathered to hear Sean Eversley Bradwell, assistant professor in the Department of Education, voice his disappointment over the lack of administrative change during his time at the college. MALIK CLEMENT/THE ITHACAN

Vinita Prabhakar, assistant professor in the Department of Writing, calls for fellow faculty members to actively listen and adhere to students’ concerns and provide spaces and opportunities for change and growth. KEVIN YU/THE ITHACAN

Hundreds of students and members of the college community gathered together in support of IC Rise Up’s second walkout. MALIK CLEMENT/THE ITHACAN

Belisa Gonzalez, dean of Faculty Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, thanked IC Rise Up for sharing their testimonies and expressed her frustration that the college has not provided a platform for students’ stories. GRACE VANDERVEER/THE ITHACAN

Eldred Harris, a Board of Education member for the Ithaca City School District, commented on how institutions provided by the college aren’t sufficient in supporting students. He also encouraged faculty and staff to work with students to invoke change. GRACE VANDERVEER/THE ITHACAN

President La Jerne Cornish was in attendance at the second walkout. Cornish concluded the walkout by acknowledging IC Rise Up’s frustration with the administration and called for IC Rise Up to have a discussion with her. KEVIN YU/THE ITHACAN